Trailer & Light Tower

Our compact light tower makes it easy for you to set up and provide enough illumination. Durable and reliable at all times making it perfect to provide emergency areas, highways, and even community events. The Trailer on the other hand is fast moving, low noise, easy operation, and is reliable to work all day.

Trailer for Generators

trailer and light tower gensets dealer, Philippines

Fast moving, low noise, easy operation, and all day working. It’s widely used as the emergency power in telecom, rescue, military and the place of power failure. The movement speed is the same as a normal van. Viable to 100km/h. It’s w

Brand: Trailer

Industrial Portable Light Tower (Kaipu / Kubota Generators)

Seller/distributor in the Philippines of heavy-duty portable industrial light tower powered by Kubota diesel engine with automatic/manual operation or horizontal mast.

Brand: Light Towers