Spare Parts

We provide a range of controllers and accessories that are essential to your genset and other power generator needs. Order here and we'll have it shipped immediately.

Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR SX440

spare parts for generator sets for sale Philippines

It is used for brushless generator sets.

Brand: AVR

Deepsea 4520

Deepsea controllers supplier Philippines

The DSE4520 is a compact Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module that has been developed to provide an outstanding range of features within a compact enclosure for generator sets.

Brand: Controller

Smartgen 7220 Series Genset Controller

Smart genset controller distributor in the Philippines

HGM7200/7100A series genset controllers are used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measure, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring and remote co

Brand: Controller

Air Filter

Air filter for gensets for sale

It is used to remove dust in the engine oil, metal particles, carbon deposits, and other impurities so as to protect engine of Generator Sets.

Brand: Filters

Oil Filter

oil filter for generator sets

Engine oil will be polluted by the parts wearing particle and outer impurity which enters into the engines, also for being subjected to heat radiation of the hot parts; it will be oxidized, and produces acidic material which can dissolve in oil an

Brand: Filters

Fuel Filter

Fleetguard fuel filter FF5052 for sale

There are two types fuel filters assembled on Chongqing Cummins diesel generator, light duty and heavy duty fuel filter. The light fuel filter is applied to those engines. Whose power is below 700HP.

Brand: Filters