Our team of generator set experts and specialists we send on-site is composed of highly skilled power generator engineers and technicians with expertise, knowledge, and experience in power gen sets, genset installations, repairs, and maintenance.

We offer the following Generator set installation, repair and maintenance services:

  • Generator Set Installation

  • Custom System Design and Fabrication

  • Preventive Maintenance

    • Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Basis

  • Unit Repair and overhauling

  • Soundproofing

  • Weatherproof canopy

  • Exhaust and ventilation

  • Rewinding and Reconditioning

  • Hauling, Rigging, and Positioning

  • Genset mufflers, Exhaust Systems, and cladding

  • Storage and Day fuel tanks, and auto fuelling systems

  • Genset steel platform and trailer

  • Genset electrical panel and controller

  • ATS/ MTS / Automatic charges/ Autocranking

  • Electrical feeders, Cable trays, Busbars, and control wiring

  • Radiators, Overhauling, and Coolants

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    Choose from a wide variety of power generator supplies that fits your needs. Our Genset has been trusted by residential, commercial, and industrial institutions across the Philippines.