About Field Power Enterprises

Over the years, Field Power has been the most trusted Generator Set (commonly known as gensets) supplier and services provider for business companies and institutions in the Philippines.


Field Power’s core purpose is to create and improve the quality of life and strengthen the country’s competitiveness through reliable, dependable and affordable power generator sets and services.  To maintain the quality of manpower for after-sales services and to become an indispensable partner to our clients.


To become our clients respectable generator set supplier by delivering beyond expectations products and services consistenly. To be the Philippines’ leader  in superior quality power solution particularly in generator sets (genset).


We pride our generator sets with strong power and stable performance.

  • Excellent engines and alternators featured with strong power, high torque, quick start, easy maintenance, and operation.
  • Compact structure and longer service life of Genset.
  • Canopies are made of high-quality steel and powder coated.
  • Systems are easy to operate, reliable, and powerful in their function.


The generator experts and team of specialists we send on-site is composed of Engineers and Technicians with deep knowledge and experience in Generator Sets or genset repairs and maintenance. We are responsive, fast, and able to provide the highest possible standard of quality and service in the power generation industry. Our people are committed to giving clients the best satisfaction the company can offer.