The main function of diesel generator filters is to filter the dust and impurity of oil, air, and fuel. Our filters have high filtration efficiency, low resistance, service life, and convenient maintenance.

Air Filter

Air filter for gensets for sale

It is used to remove dust in the engine oil, metal particles, carbon deposits, and other impurities so as to protect engine of Generator Sets.

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Oil Filter

oil filter for generator sets

Engine oil will be polluted by the parts wearing particle and outer impurity which enters into the engines, also for being subjected to heat radiation of the hot parts; it will be oxidized, and produces acidic material which can dissolve in oil an

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Fuel Filter

Fleetguard fuel filter FF5052 for sale

There are two types fuel filters assembled on Chongqing Cummins diesel generator, light duty and heavy duty fuel filter. The light fuel filter is applied to those engines. Whose power is below 700HP.

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