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Industrial Portable Light Tower (Kaipu / Kubota Generators)

Product Information/Quick Detail

  1. CE certificate
  2. 6m height
  3. Watt: 4*1000w
  4. 5.5kw Kaipu/Kubota generator
  5. Light source: MH/HPS/.HID
  6. Automatic/Manual operation


  1. Lighting performance: portable high mast light tower lamp panel with 4 lamps of 1000 w efficient energy-saving lamps, lighting intensity is high, the coverage is large, lighting system is to two, more than 10000 hours of service life, especially suitable for outdoor lighting large assignments.
  2. Lift performance: the high mast lighting tower lighthouse lifting rod with high strength alloy materials refined but become, can realize automatically adjust, the biggest rising height can reach 10 meters, four lamp holders can be adjusted up and down or so alone illuminate Angle, make the light cover the whole field.
  3. Working time: high mast light tower imported high-performance generator power supply, a time filled with gasoline generating set can continuous working time 9 hours, in a place with grid, but also on 220 v ac power lighting for a long time.
  4. Operational: portable light tower remote control switch or point two ways to control the rise and fall of lifting lever and state, the operation is simple, safe, and reliable; the wireless remote control can be controlled within 30 meters of the lifting rod lift and fall.
  5. Suitable place: the overall lighthouse is used in a variety of high-quality alloy material production, compact structure, with stable performance and can work in all kinds of bad environment and climate conditions, wind loading is a magnitude 8.
  6. Convenient and flexible: optimized structural design, convenient transport, connected to the trailer can be convenient to move to any construction or emergency rescue site.