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  • trailer and light tower gensets dealer, Philippines
  • trailer and light tower gensets dealer, Philippines

Trailer for Generators

Trailer for generators and generator sets

Performance Features:

  • Fast-moving, low noise, easy operation, and all-day working
  • Widely used as the emergency power in telecom, rescue, military, and the place of power failure; movement speed is the same as a normal van
  • Viable to 100km/h
  • Cross-country performance, suitable to different areas
  • Features air tightness against rain, snow, and dust, and can work in a worse environment
  • Supplies power in a short time far way
  • Power station equipped with safety configuration, including smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, explosion-proof lamp, emergency lamp, etc.
  • Intelligent fire extinguishing system is optional for unmanned monitoring

We supply gen set trailers within Bulacan, Metro Manila, and neighboring cities and provinces in the Philippines.


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